BF2 Optimization Guide.

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    I understand that everyone has their own suggestions to optimizing their
    computer and BF2 to get every single frame rate out of the machine. I took
    the advice that I could find and put it into 1 word document. Most of you
    probably already know half of this stuff, but others might not. I didn't
    write this for those computer wizzes who this will seem second nature to, I
    wrote this for those who may only own a computer so they can game every
    couple of days, and dont know a whole bunch about taking care of their

    Please, if anyone sees any mistakes I've made with the advice I've given out,
    feel free to correct me. And if anyone else has any optimization suggestions,
    I am all ears, and I would be happy to edit this post to include your
    suggestions. I realise its really long, but I tried to be as thorough as


    This guide is designed to get every Frame per second with out purchasing
    ANYTHING. This guide will use free programs and applications readily
    available for download off of the internet. We can break this down into 3
    Categories, Hardware/OS Maintenance, Tweaking Windows, and tweaking
    Battlefield 2.

    First we’re going to cover the Hardware/OS Maintenance.

    Hardware Maintenance:

    1) Dust those Bunnies: Dust can create excessive static and reduce or
    completely impair the airflow into the case. The speeds of your Processor
    and your Graphics cards directly relate to the temperature in your case.
    Most hardware components will start to clock them selves down, or will
    restart the computer when a Thermal Event is detected. About once every 2
    months you want to unplug everything from your rig, open it up, and blow out
    any excessive dust using a bottle of Compressed Air available from most
    computer stores. If you’re a smoker, I would suggest doing it once a month,
    you’d be surprised how easily the residue from cigarette smoke can pick up

    2) Drive-er Home: Now would be a good time to update the drivers for your
    hardware. Fist you need to download the updates from you’re OEM’s website.
    The drivers you’re going to want updates for are your, Chipset, Video, Audio,
    Network. Your chipset drivers are probably available from The
    same probably goes for you’re network driver if its integrated on the
    Motherboard. For the Video and Audio drivers, I would say that its safe to
    assume that you all either have “ATI or nVidia” and “Creative” as your Video
    and Audio Manufacturers. Either way, here are the websites.
    . Save these files to a folder on your desktop.

    Its usually best to install the drivers from within Safe mode. To get into
    safe mode follow these steps; Shut off your computer -> Turn it back on and
    press the “F8” key once every two seconds until you see the “Advanced
    Windows Options Menu.” Select safe mode from the list, and if it prompts you
    to select your OS, just hit “Enter” on your appropriate operating system.

    Once you’re in Safe Mode, then you need to pull up your Device Manager. To
    do this you right click on “My Computer” Left click on “Properties” Click on
    “Hardware” and then click on “Device Manager”. The drivers we’re going to be
    dealing with here today are going to be you’re Chipset and you’re Network
    drivers. We’ll cover the others at a later time. Locate the “System Devices”
    in the device manager list and click the plus sign next to it. Locate the
    “SM bus controller” right click on it and choose “Uninstall”. Locate the
    chipset installer, double click on it, and follow the onscreen instructions,
    reboot when it asks you to.

    Boot into safe mode again, and do the same for the network drivers. Reboot
    when you’re finished.

    3) Better Sight and Sound: Now we move onto the Video and the Audio drivers.
    The reason I put this into a different section is because of this wonderful
    tool right here:
    You can select all ATI, nVidia and
    Creative drivers using this program, this program will find them and delete
    them. I would suggest you follow the instructions in the read-me, I followed
    them and I haven’t had any problems yet. Use this program to completely
    remove all Video and Audio drivers from your computer, and reinstall the
    drivers using the files you downloaded. Reboot.

    4) BIOS: An Update to your Bios is a good idea once in a while. Again you
    should be able to find the update from your Motherboard manufacturer’s
    website. Read the instructions first, because a botched BIOS install can be
    a HUGE headache.

    5) AGP Aperture/Video Memory Size: You can change the memory size to fit the
    proper size of your card. If you reset the BIOS settings, or if you update
    the BIOS, chances are this setting will be set back to default. You want to
    locate this option in the BIOS, its probably located under “Video”. Set it
    to 256mb if you have a 256mb video card. Should be simple enough.

    6) Frag-Out: All programs eventually get fragmented, it happens and it’s
    impossible to avoid it COMPLETELY. Use Disk Defragmenter twice a month to
    prevent this from becoming a problem. It is best to run a defrag from within
    safe mode that way the Internet and the Page file will not get in the way. I
    would suggest you let this run over night since it can take quite some time.

    Operating System Maintenance:

    1) Espionage: If you browse the internet, then you have Spyware. I guarantee
    it. Spyware symptoms can range anywhere from excessive popups, to terrible
    systom performance. If your system meets the minimum Battlefield 2
    requirements, but you’re experiencing either a low Frame Rate, or a high
    ping, 9/10 times this is caused by Spyware. Traditionally you want more then
    one Anti-Spyware program because one will usually find files that others
    will not. Here are some free programs that will help keep Spyware in check.

    Ad-Aware: This is a Spyware removal tool. It’s a great one, and most people
    who have used it before would recommend it to a friend. Make sure you update
    it at least once a week, and scan at least once a week. It’s available to
    download from this website:

    Spybot Search&Destroy: Another Spyware removal tool. Many people suggest
    this program as well. It’s efficient and quick to run. Make sure you update
    it at least once a week and scan at least once a week. Remember you’re only
    as protected as your most recent update.

    Hijack This: Have you ever opened up your Internet browser and wondered why
    your home page changed for no apparent reason? This is caused by Spyware and
    hijack this monitors for that specific type of Spyware. HijackThis lists the
    contents of key areas of the Registry and hard drive--areas that are used by
    both legitimate programmers and hijackers. The program is continually
    updated to detect and remove new hijacks. It does not target specific
    programs and URLs, only the methods used by hijackers to force you onto
    their sites. As a result, false positives are imminent, and unless you're
    sure about what you're doing, you always should consult with knowledgable
    folks before deleting anything. This can be downloaded from:

    2) Call the Cleaners: CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy
    tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run
    faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of
    your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is
    that it's fast (normally taking less that a second to run) and contains NO
    Spyware or Adware. You can download it from:

    3) Its Godzilla!: This falls more so under preventative maintenance , BUT I
    didn’t want to leave it out. Mozilla-Firefox is another Internet browser
    that seems to be more secure and comes with a bunch of fine features. It can
    be downloaded from here:

    4) Check for Bugs: Most people should know this by now, but you also want to
    Update and run an antivirus scan at least once a week.

    5) When in Doubt Format Reinstall: Sometimes a windows OS is just to far
    gone to recover. When that’s the case, you need to reinstall the OS. Even if
    you’re not having any problems I would suggest that you do it at least 2
    times a year just to keep your OS running smoothly. I personally will
    Reinstall 4 times a year, but I also do a lot of downloading.

    Tweaking XP:

    1) TuneXP: This is a program I found on the IGN Battlefield 2 optimization
    guide. It can be downloaded from here:
    . I suggest you
    follow this guide as to what each tweak will do, and weather or not you
    should do it.

    2) MSconfig: This is a great program built into Windows XP. Most people
    should know about it, and how to use it, but I’ll include it in here
    anyways. To open it up you Click on “Start” -> Then click on “Run” and type
    in “MSCONFIG” and hit “Enter” You want to put the bullet into “Selective
    Startup” We want to uncheck, “Process Win.ini” “Process System.ini” “Load
    Startup Items”. Don’t worry about any other check boxes.

    Then you want to click on the “Services” tab, and check the box that says
    “Hide all Microsoft Services” After that, click on “Disable All”. Click Ok
    at the bottom and restart your computer. This will prevent many items from
    loading when windows starts.

    3) The Services got Served: Even though we’ve disabled all Non Microsoft
    services using the MS config utility, a lot of programs install their own
    services under that Microsoft list. We’re going to locate those services and
    disable them. To do this you Click Start -> Click Run -> Type in
    Services.msc -> Click Ok. This will pull up a list of all the services on
    your computer. If you do not know what a service is, simply google it and it
    should tell you what program it belongs to. Although, when in doubt, don’t
    disable it. Here are some additional services you can disable, Alerter,
    Messenger, Imapi CD-Burning COM service(wont effect the nero burning
    program), Telnet, Wireless Zero Configuration, Remote Registry.

    4) Disable the Eye Candy: XP Eye candy puts a strain on your system, any
    strain on your system slows BF2 down, when BF2 slows down, you lose frame
    rates. So lets disable the Eye Candy. In the Control Panel, go to System
    >“Advanced” tab and under “Performance”, click “Settings”. The two I suggest
    to uncheck here are “Fade or slide menus into view” and “Fade menu items
    after clicking”. You can turn off and on any effects you want in order to
    find a good balance between visual effects and performance Hit Apply and OK
    after you’re done.

    5) Disable the Performance Checker: When you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and you click
    on the performance tab, you’ll see how your system is performing at any
    given time. Do you think this program stops when you load a game? No. Does
    the common gamer actually need to be able to check his performance at the
    drop of a hat? No. Could my hardware constantly being queried have an effect
    on my game? Yes. Download this file from the Microsoft website and disable
    your performance tab. The tab will still be there, but you will not get any
    data from it after performing this step. Download the file from here:
    Don’t worry if it
    says that its for Win2k, it works just fine on my XP machine.

    Download this file and Go to C:program\FilesResource Kit and run the
    Exctrlst.exe utility. Select each line in the “Extensible performance
    counters” window and clear the “performance counters enabled” button below.
    This must be done for each counter. When it’s finished, just exit the

    6) Microsoft network: If you are experiencing a long pause after booting to
    the desktop before you can really do anything, a network feature is probably
    the culprit.

    In XP, go to Control Panel > Networking Connections -> Right click your
    Network connection Uncheck “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network”
    and hit apply and OK. This will help with boot time if you were getting the
    above. I do not know how this will affect printing though, keep that in

    7) Ctrl-Alt-Delete: Press Ctrl Alt Delete to pull up the task manager.
    Choose the “Processes” tab. Sort the services by user name. End all
    Processes under your username besides “Iexplore.exe” “Explorer.exe” and

    Your computer should now be running faster then it has in a long time. Now
    lets move onto the BF2 Tweaking.

    BF2 Tweaking:

    1) Reduce the Number of Punkbuster Checks: Punkbuster, as you probably know,
    is the anti cheating software which comes bundled with BF2 and is required
    to play on all ranked servers and most public servers. Punkbuster scans your
    hard-drive for problems every 20 seconds. As you may have guessed, this
    causes a lot of lag. What we are going to do in this fix is to increase the
    amount of time in between punkbuster checks to 500 seconds (the maximum
    amount so don't try anything higher lol). By the way, in case you were
    worried, this is 100% safe with punkbuster, and will NOT cause any problems
    with Punkbuster thinking you are a cheater. Punkbuster even recommends this
    fix on their website.

    To do this you need to:

    Step 1: Ok, the first step is very simple, join any BF2 online server which
    is running punkbuster, preferably a ranked one.

    Step 2: Once you are in, and respawned somewhere, press the ` key. This key
    is located on most keyboards above the tab key and to the left of the 1 key

    Step 3: Once you have pressed this, a large white box should drop down with
    a load of text in it. Type pb_sleep500 and hit the enter key

    Step 4: Once you have done this, make sure the box is still up and type
    pb_writecfg to save your settings

    2) Rename the BF2.Exe: Although the exact reason why this fix improves the
    gameplay is unknown, but it is probably that Ati and Nvidia recognise the
    program BF2.exe as one of their own, so by renaming the file, you turn the
    game into a normal program, not a resource hungry dinosaur! In 90% of cases
    this has been known to cause some increase in performance in-game. To do
    this follow these steps:

    Step 1: The first thing you do is find your game directory, the default is
    C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2

    Step 2: Once you have found the directory, locate the file BF2.exe, right
    click, and select properties

    Step 3: You will then need to change the text in the white box which says
    "BF2", above the directory on the general tab, you can change it to anything
    you want! for simplicity, I changed it to BF21.exe once you have done this,

    Step 4: The fix is now officially done, but the shortcut on your desktop
    will now no longer work. To change this, delete the shortcut on your
    desktop, goto the game directory, and right click on the newly renamed file.
    Click Send To, then Desktop (Create Shortcut) and you will now have a
    working link your desktop!

    3) Make BF2 a High Priority Application: Windows shares out its resources
    and memory between its programs equally. It also runs its own background
    tasks using the "System Idle Process". By Increasing the priority of an
    application, Windows provides more Memory to that application, and takes
    memory away from it's own tasks such as the "System Idle Process". You can
    change the priority of an application by going to ctrl+alt+delete and
    changing it manually, or you can set up this file to automatically launch
    the program as a High Priority Application, without you touching a thing! To
    perform this, follow these steps:

    Step 1: FInd the BF2 directory again, the default is C:\Program Files\EA
    GAMES\Battlefield 2 the BF2 directory (common: C:\Program Files\EA
    GAMES\Battlefield 2)

    Step 2: Right click anywhere in this folder and click New then Text Document

    Step 3: Right click on the newly created file and rename it to bf2.bat, The
    file should then turn into a little cog. If it doesn't, you will need to
    uncheck the 'Hide extensions for known file types' option checked in Tools >
    Folder options > View.

    Step 4: Right click your newly created bf2.bat and click Edit

    Step 5: Copy and paste the following into the notepad window that opens:

    @echo off

    cd /d "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2"

    start /high BF2.exe +menu 1 +fullscreen 1

    If you have renamed your file in Tip 3 then you will need to paste the
    following code (if you have changed the BF2.exe to something different than
    BF21.exe, edit the BF21.exe to your filename)

    @echo off

    cd /d "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2"

    start /high BF21.exe +menu 1 +fullscreen 1

    Don't forget, if you installed BF2 to a different directory than C:\Program
    Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 then adjust it accordingly.

    Step 6: Save your changes and close the Notepad window.

    Step 7: Right click the new bf2.bat and click Send To > Desktop (create

    Step 8: Goto your desktop, and right click the new shortcut, then click

    Step 9: Click on the "Change Icon" Button, and goto your game directory
    "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2" and double click on your BF2.exe
    (or BF21.exe) This makes the shortcut have a real icon, not necessary, but
    makes it look way better.

    Step 10: Right click on the shortcut and rename it to "Battlefield 2" or
    whatever you want really.

    4) Unlock BF2’s Ports: Open up all the ports in your firewall, Battlefield 2
    uses ports to contact the internet, Firewalls block these ports, you will
    need to open them up, If you have a router, forward the ports to the
    computer which uses Battlefield 2 Here are a list of ports you need to open
    on BF2:

    16567 and 16569 are the most important

    Opening these will help:

    UDP 27900

    UDP/TCP 29900

    TCP 80

    TCP 4711

    TCP 29901

    UDP 1500-4999

    UDP/TCP 1024-1124

    UDP 28910

    UDP 16567

    UDP 55123-55125

    5) Manually Update PunkBuster: Punkbuster is supposed to update itself, but
    it always doesn’t. I would suggest that you download this Punkbuster updater
    and run it every once in a while.

    Note: It was my goal here to pull all the guides I’ve found myself, pick out
    the best advice and amalgamate it all into one guide. It never was my
    intention to pirate anyone else’s information, all I ever wanted to do is to
    help people. BUT, I did get most of this information from other websites, so
    I must link those webpages here. You should check out some of these pages,
    they might have something else that I have missed, or something that didn’t
    apply to me, but it does apply to you. I got my information from:



    BF2 optimization Guide
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    Hey thanx again.
    im not gonna use all those advices but some of them r actually cool. is that punkbuster check disable actually PB proof?
    Oh and, u should actually write a guide to infantry tactics and how to actually win a close-quarter combat situation.
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    np! You dont disable it, you just make it check you HD less times during game... Wich could help on the lagg... if you got any!? :)

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