Bring the recon class back to its former glory!

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    The recent changes to sniper rifles (e.g. magazine reductions) left me, and many other people who love to snipe in the BF4 community, clueless. Sniper rifles have never been deemed overpowered; in fact, the recon class has arguably been the weakest class in the game since release and is now nearly useless from a competitive/objective-based standpoint. Playing as a recon has always been a weak choice in BF4, simply because it is hopelessly outgunned when compared to the other classes. In fact, playing with an assault rifle is much easier compared to bf3 since there is a significantly smaller amount of recoil. Furthermore, there are rifles which are way more effective than any sniper rifle could be, even from longer ranges; for example, at 200 meters, DMRs are still more effective if one aims at the body. The nerfs to sniper rifles in BF4 have made the "aggressive recon" playstyle, which so many people loved back in BF3 and BFBC2, nearly useless. This is mostly caused by the defensive perk which is used by the majority of BF4 players, especially on PC. By using a sniper rifle you are automatically at a disadvantage in close to medium range combat because every other gun is stronger, even a pistol. As a sniper in those situations, you take a high risk, depending on essentially one bullet to be effective while another player can unload several round in the same amount of time. Most of the time, the only option is to noscope or "quickscope" people to kill them but since the defensive perk is so strong they survive with roughly 7 hp and kill you instantly because you cannot switch fast enough to your secondary. While it makes sense that snipers are weaker in close-quarters combat, even the most skilled players, who deserve the kill with a well placed shot, are killed due to the defensive perk. Also, the scope sway is so insanely high that you need to wait nearly a second until the scope is steady so that you can line up your shot and if you miss your target you are pretty much dead. It is extremely sad to see that sniping in bf4 has turned into a "sitting in the back or on the hill" campy playstyle and that the aggressive playstyle, where skill should be rewarded, turns into a nightmare for those who used to loved it. This has had a largely negative impact on the recon class and has made it a less attractive and, more importantly, a less effective play style. We are sure that sitting in the back of a map and getting 5 kills per round is not the type of gameplay that DICE meant to promote with the recon class.

    To bring back the "aggressive recon" playstyle, a nerf for the defensive perk is much needed. This perk is simply way too overpowered and it doesn't really counter the recon/sniper class; it just makes the class basically obsolete for objective-hungry players and the competitive community. It also adds a lot of inconsistency to the game. The one shot kill range of about 12-15 meters for sniper rifles in the upper body should be a consistent value, without the interference of the defensive perk. Sniping used to be based on a high-risk, high-reward system, which is why it was so loved by the Battlefield community, especially in the days of BC2 (which most would agree was one of the greatest shooters of all time). Now, it is an extremely high risk to run, with almost no reward, even for the veterans of Battlefield and other shooters who have always loved to snipe or play recon. We the community hope that you will take these wishes into consideration and revive sniping to what it once was. Thank you for your time reading this, we appreciate the work you have already put in to improve the game!

    NOTICE: This is not only my opinion, this actually is the final result of a conversation that started on Twitch between Fnatic Drunkz and Uncut Varokz, but it also includes the opinion of many other people spread over the entire community. So that is why we finally wanted to pull all thoughts togehter to give you guys the feedback that nobody ever gave to you untill now!
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