Cte update - tickrate testing and textures on the cmp

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    4 Jun 2013
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    Hi guys!

    A quick update - I hope most of you are enjoying the Spring Patch in retail BF4!

    This week we are hard at work gathering the final data for the tickrate testing. Our initial data suggest that it is doing really well.

    There are some bugs (which we know about due to you guys finding them) - but we are focusing our efforts on clarifying what happens when things go wrong, or when you don't have enough bandwidth, fps or the server is doing badly.

    We will need your help in filling the "vanilla" 30hz versions of the netcode servers (Squad Conquest, TDM/CQS, and CQL 64) to have comparable numbers to the high tickrate ones. The faster we get a bunch of games played @ 30hz the faster we can get back to running the high tickrate versions again!

    Please help us fill these servers tomorrow tuesday! (I'll post about this on twitter too).


    No CTE patch today & tomorrow, but a big one thursday - the CMP will get it's first pass of textures!

    Sometime during this week we will also publish the "callout sheet" for the map - which shows you some of the inspiration and mood we aim for with the map through images. Hopefully we can publish this tomorrow or Thursday.

    See you on the CTE!


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