Developers, tell-me if it's hard to do this idea. (ghost, the strip insistences)

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    4 Jun 2013
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    Well, in soccer (Here in Brazil) we have a TV system that analyzes a move that happened in the field. This is ugly with a simple CGI, but very explanatory. It would be complicated servers maintain "Ghost" of each player? even if only for competitive. This would be great for analyzing players using cheats also.

    And I would go further. "Ghost system" This could be used by the spectator mode. To analyze the matches. Like a Replay. That would be interesting to keep viewers interested in the matches. While a range or when giving a time between a new game and another, the "caster" could use the tool to analyze plays at live. Even professional players could analyze their own moves and constantly improve. The GS (Ghost System) result could be available to Download for a while.

    In public servers, is good to create proofs of cheating to you guys from Dice.

    What you think?

    The "Project Cars" have a system like this, "Ghost". But this idea is more complete I think. Also will serve to entertain.

    Best Regards

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