I was wrong about sr338. it's actually garbage.

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    For some reason I got it in my head that after spring patch SR338 became OHK out till 47-48m due to the new standard headshot multiplier. "Finally, an actual reason to use it over all-kit DMRs!" I had thought.

    Well folks, that's not actually the case. DICE in all their infinite wisdom nerfed DMR headshot multiplier back down to 2.0x. "But isn't SR338 a sniper rifle?" you may ask - nope, it turns out it is classified as a DMR and shares the same headshot multiplier (2.0x). "But on test range SR338 is OHK till 48m! I tested it!" - turns out test range dummies always take 2.13x headshot damage no matter which gun you use, but it doesn't reflect the actual headshot damage that you do to soldiers ingame.

    Which means SR338's actual OHK range is exactly the same as before - 15 meters i.e. pitifully short and completely impractical. So the only buff SR338 received was an RoF bump from 150 to 200, but for all purposes it still handles like a crappier DMR with lower fire rate (worse TTK), small magazine, worse muzzle velocity, at the benefit of slightly better spread.

    DICE LA...I hate you. I love the patch overall but there are some things you do which are absolutely mind-blowingly unexplainable. I mean SR338 is by no means BAD, look at these:



    But thanks DICE for removing the only real advantage it had over DMRs. SR338 could have been great, it could have been that one awesome Recon-only DMR that brought back memories of BF3 DMRs (back when DMRs weren't crap). But you are obviously biased against that playstyle. I mean that's the entire reason you created Body Armor right? Another reason SR338 is made redundant because it can't even reliably 2-shot someone in the chest.

    If any player thinks SR338 is decent now, just keep in mind that you will ALWAYS lose to an equally skilled DMR user unless you drop him with a headshot within 15 meters. That's not opinion, just plain stats. And if you're thinking of using it for long range, keep in mind that an equally skilled bolt-action user will ALWAYS beat you.

    So with a heavy heart I go back to QBU-88 which immediately felt MUCH more reliable for aggressive play with all the accuracy I need.

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