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    4 Jun 2013
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    So here's how my login procedure usually goes since the new system.

    1. Open cte.battlelog.com
    2. Get sent to the Battlefield Hardline CTE, even though I don't even own Battlefield Hardline.
    3. Select the Battlefield 4 CTE
    4. Have to login every time, it never remembers my login.
    5. Join a server
    6. Battlelog asks to open Origin, need to start origin manually.
    7. Battlefield often updates for no apparant reason, with a 1 second update. But once it does that it doesn't start the server. If there is an update I first need to manually select
    8. Have to join the server yet again.
    9. Game finally starts.

    Now it might just be me, but can't the majority of these steps atleast be automatic?

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