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Hvilket alternativ av de tre som er vist vil dere ha?

  1. Randomness = 0

    3 stemme(r)
  2. Randomness = 5

    2 stemme(r)
  3. Randomness = 10

    1 stemme(r)
  1. IvoCaprino

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    Randomness: An integer from 0 to 10 representing the randomness of the map options for a vote. The algorithm changes the probability of each map and gamemode pair being selected as a vote option depending on how long ago it was last played.

    Randomness = 0: Will rotate through the maplist, only showing the maps that haven't been played in a long time. Players should end up playing every map in the cycle.

    Randomness = 5: Maps that haven't been played in a long time will have the highest probablity and recently played maps will have the lowest probability of being selected as vote options.

    Randomness = 10: Every map has the same chance of being selected as an option. Players will tend to play the most popular maps repeatedly.
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