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    PLD - This device is based on the TRIGR (Target Reconnasissance Infrared Geolocating Rangefinder) or AN/PED-5 as it is really designated.

    So I have to ask. Why does it use the Color style Thermal Optics like the FLIR? This device actually uses a Grayscale Infrared as seen in this video below.

    Also it is suppose to be able to switch between Daylight use and Thermal Use. Why does it not have that feature in the game?

    Personally I think having the Thermal feature is a major advantage for the Recon Kit in the Night Maps and I personally wouldn't mind seeing that part go just for that fact. If you would then that would be cool but I have doubts that you would do that so I would instead suggest that it be made more like it is supposed to be. With that in mind, the changes below I think would make sense to bring in more inline to what it is supposed to be like.

    • Switch it from Color to Grayscale like it is supposed to be.
    • Add the ability to select/switch between Thermal or Daytime use. This can be done by mapping the modes to the "V" key as it has no assignment to it when using this gadget. This way we could just hit "V" and select which type of view we want. I know that in the regular maps we really did not use it for the Thermal Features much. In fact I personally see the thermal features as hindering what it is really designed to be used for, Reconnaissance.

    Now I also want to bring up the SOFLAM or AN/PEQ-1C.

    SOFLAM - This device actually does Not have any Night Vision or Thermal features built into it. At least I have yet to see any evidence of that in the research I have done on it. If it does then I would like to see info on that if anyone has it. What it does offer is the ability to Connect or Mount Night Vision Devices on top of it. You can check the documents from the manufacture on it in the link below to see what I mean. Also just searching about it seems to backup what I am saying.

    So with that in mind, why does it have Thermal Features on it? It is not a major deal but I thought that I would bring it up as well. Now if it was to be brought in line to what it is supposed to be then I have two suggestions for it as well like I did with the PLD above.

    • EITHER: Remove the Thermal Features so it would be like it should be. OR For the sake of the the changes I suggested above make it more like the Night Vision Devices where it is more Greenish since it also has the capability to attach such devices to it. With the later though I think it would feel odd not seeing the actual Night Vision Device attach to the top of the SOFLAM but at least it would be more in line to what would be used with the it as it really does not have any thermal built in.
    • This next suggestion really depends on if you were to leave it having some form of Thermal or Night Vision. Basically make it also have the ability to switch between Daytime and Night Time use through the "V" key like I suggested above.

    Anyways I thought I would just give my opinions on these two devices as it has been on my mind lately through the Testing in the Night Maps and trying them out in the LIVE game. I am not sure if you all at DICE would be willing to change them this much to make them more like they should be, but I thought I would bring it up anyways to see what thoughts you might have on them. :)

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