Spring patch dmr nerfs - why???

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    DMR's were balanced around being garbage at close-medium range and restricted to defensive play. They were already very situational and under-used. So it's extremely puzzling why DICE nerfed not only their accuracy, but also their spread recovery by a whopping 50%.

    Lets take QBU-88 for example.


    QBU-88: ADSRecoilDec - from 8 to 11


    QBU-88: ADSStandBaseSpreadDec - from 15 to 10

    QBU-88: ADSStandBaseMin - from 0.062 to 0.125

    QBU-88: ADSStandMoveMin - from 0.762 to 0.775

    The net result of these nerfs is that your follow-up shots have VERY bad accuracy even with heavy barrel. QBU absolutely relied on follow-up shots considering you need land 4 shots to kill someone with defensive perk.

    The least DICE could've done to compensate for these nerfs was to increase the mag size from 10 to 15, but nope that didn't happen.

    I'm just not understanding why DMR's were nerfed like this. Recoil decrease buffs do NOT compensate for the spread nerfs, what's the point of firing faster if your shots completely miss?

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