The EA Rules of Engagement!

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    Rules of Engagement (ROE)

    Revised March 13, 2006


    Purpose of this document:

    This document explains the Rules of Engagement that all Ranked Servers and
    Players must follow.


    These are rules that all administrators and players using ranked servers are
    expected to observe and are set by EA, BFROE and BF2RS under the EULA/TOS/RSA/ROE.

    §1.1 You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or
    other contraband while you are on any Ranked Servers.

    § This would include the copy and distribution of copyrighted software or

    §1.2 You may not market, promote or advertise anything, or make any other form
    of solicitation (this does not apply to trusted partners and in game server
    messages) on any ranked servers.

    § Trusted Partners and Advertisers are excluded from this ruling.

    §1.3 You may not change (hack) any core games files, load into memory or employ
    external programs or cheats for the purposes of giving yourself an unfair
    advantage over other players.

    This would include but not limited to:

    § MSX and other 3rd party software.

    § Modification of weapons code, aka Tank turrets exploit.

    § CVAR hacks which would make players appear Neon

    § CVAR hacks that let players see thru walls or buildings

    § Mini-Map hack so all players are visible

    § Modification of Player Names which would alter their size or colors.

    § Items not included in this list would be up to EA & DICE to interpret.

    §1.4 Server administrators may not change any game settings defined as standard
    for ranked servers (ticket ratios, server password, round time, etc.)

    §1.5 Server administrators may not explicitly or implicitly (by actions) enforce
    restrictions on vehicles or weapons that players can use while on your server (e.g.
    knives only, aircraft prohibited except for clan members, etc.)

    § Infantry only Servers

    § Kicking Players who use vehicles or aircraft

    § Limiting certain vehicles or aircraft for non clan members

    §1.6 Server administrators may not explicitly or implicitly (by actions) enforce
    restrictions on roles or kits that players can use while on your server.

    This would include but not limited to:

    § Spec Ops

    § Squad Leader

    § Note.. Commander class can not be enforced due to the §
    2.3 rule change

    §1.7 Server administrators may not use non-standard (custom map packs) maps or
    modified versions of standard maps.

    §1.8 Players may not use or exploit game mechanisms to artificially boost their
    score ("stats padding") and Server administrators may not knowingly allow or
    encourage this activity on their servers.

    This would include but not limited to:

    § Knife-Pistol-Revive

    § Knife-Pistol only Servers

    § Knife only Servers

    § High Points Servers

    § Infantry only Servers

    § No Artillery or Armour Servers

    § Using Vehicles removed from battlefield for purposes of artificially inflating

    § Turning boats upside down and repairing

    § Glitching inside buildings.

    § Modifying game files for vehicles and weapons.

    § Items not included in this list would be up to EA & DICE to interpret.

    §1.9 Players may not Impersonate or abuse BF2RS ADMINS.

    §1.10 Server administrators will not go to ANY public or clan ranked server and
    threaten or bully any clan or clan administrator.

    § Admins are to only observe and report back to their department head

    § Admins will not contact or interfere in clan ranked servers

    § Admins will at no time contact any trusted provider

    § Admins at no time will state rules if they see violations

    § Admins who do not follow this procedure will immediately be fired

    § These rules do not apply to contract servers we have with trusted providers


    § Min Players: 16

    § sv.password = empty string. Ranked servers may not be password protected.
    Ranked servers are intended to be available to all players.

    § sv.numPlayersNeededToStart = (6 for maxPlayers 16, 10 for 32, 10 for 64)

    § sv.spawnTime 15

    § sv.manDownTime 15

    § sv.ticketRatio 100

    § sv.teamRatioPercent 100

    § sv.punkBuster 1

    § Though it is not required, EA requests that all servers run Friendly Fire at
    100% for all settings, including mines (sv.friendlyFireWithMines).

    § Ranked servers must be entirely "pure" with no customization outside of the
    default content shipped by DICE/EA. Ranked servers will not be allowed to run
    Mods or CustomMaps, as we cannot ensure the balance of these components. Custom
    maps are never permitted.


    § Option A: TK punish is optional for the player by using the pgup/pgdn voting

    § Option B: TK punish is to be set to automatic or on, but may not be set to


    These are rules that EA official server administrators enforce to maintain
    friendly, disciplined servers and are in addition to the global rules defined

    §2.1 You may not use any offensive or sexually explicit language in chat or
    voice mode.

    §2.2 You may not use foul or slanderous language involving race, gender, sexual
    preference, religion or creed.

    §2.3 You may not deliberately hinder your own team or acting in such as way as
    to cause team mates unavoidable deaths or team losses.

    § Commander flying or in a vehicle instead of commanding

    § Destruction of friendly vehicles

    § Excessive team killing

    § Team switching to gain medals or awards

    You may not display abusive behaviour towards administrators. If you feel that
    you have been treated unfairly, you may lodge an appeal on the official forums

    § BF2 Ranked Servers Forums

    § BFROE Forums

    § King Dave
    [email protected]

    § IndianScout [email protected] Director


    These are rules that are not enforced upon in EA’s public ranked servers but may
    be modified in privately rented ranked servers. These rules are decided by clan
    administrators for those servers and as long as they do not contradict any
    global rules enforced by EA are considered valid for those servers.

    This would include but not limited to:

    § Artillery fire or bombing runs on main (uncapturable) bases may be prohibited.

    § Prolonged or sustained attacks on main (uncapturable) bases (i.e. spawncamping).

    § Using the Transport Helicopters to take flags (Blackhawk whoring or flag

    § Impersonating clan members.

    § Using C4 on jeeps, or other fast moving vehicles to take out other vehicles.

    § Clans may change or customise rules, provided they don’t violate the above ROE

    See you on the battlefield
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    I know a bunch of servers not following these rules... Ah well, nice to have the official guidelines here anyway :)

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