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    • Fix for TV missile physics, give it a whirl – and give us feedback!

    While being quite different in comparison to the current release version, I could see myself really like the new mechanics. However, I think what is missing is a way to separately control the yaw / rudder. It does not need to be a very sensitive control, but something to make minor adjustments with. It could be similar to the jet controls on the A and D keys. (This would also be great for UCAV and SUAV)

    • Change material on air vehicles to prevent bullet and explosion penetration by all weapons except Snipers, DMRs, and .50 cals.

    I understand the problem this fix addresses. However, this also happens to be nerf for infantry against helicopters. If this change makes it to the release version, I would really like the revolvers to penetrate the material too.

    • Weapon tuning and fixes, mainly affecting air/air-weapons - Created new materials for laser guided missiles.

    The turn angle change from 3600° down to 360° is a direct buff for ECM. This practically turns ECM into a better version of flairs. I never liked the way ECM works and with this change it got even worse. IMO ECM should only prevent missile from locking on to you. Every missile that locked on the you before ECM was deployed should always hit. In the current release version a stinger on a scout helicopter will most likely not hit when it deploys ECM. Jets can do the same by flying in a straight line and deploying ECM (It is not as reliable in comparison to the helicopters though). This makes flairs obsolete and with those changes even more. IMO countermeasures should work like this: * ECM - Prevents missiles from locking on to you but, do not influence missiles that already locked on to you before you deployed it. * Flairs - Fool missiles that locked on to you and prevent them from hitting, gives a small time window in which locking on to you is harder. * Fire extinguisher - If the vehicle is burning it, should repair it by some degree. However, when you are under effect of a mobility hit, it should be usable to remove the effect, but without the repairing effect. It should only do one of those things, but the repairing should have a priority.

    • Reverted Jet physics to be using the 313 system again, also fixed CH jets to add friction – let us know if this is not the case!

    I understand that this is because of the base rape on the carrier. However, the 313 system has to go on the long run. I would like to see a system with constant turn rates on a broader range of speeds. This should add more dynamic to speed control (instead of just aiming for a certain sweet spot). Air brakes should be more powerful but also predictable (braking starts of weak but gets stronger over time). Boost (afterburner) should have a cool down mechanism to it (in a fashion that also prevents feathering). It would be nice if boost could be used to fly above the usual height ceiling (as long as you are boosting). Naturally the stealth jet should have an edge over the attack jet in a dog fight. The difference in the silhouette/profile of the different factions jets should be balanced by giving them a armour buff/nerf against cannons.

    Some other things issues that are present:

    Some users with nVidia graphics cards experience DirectX crashes on Perl Market. This seems to effect the 7xx series in particular but also cards from other series. The issue is only present when using a driver that has a version higher than 347.09 (last driver that seems to work OK).

    Scout helicopters. You know they are OP. Minigun TTK against infantry feels way too fast. The combination of infinite ammo, constant repairs and insane manoeuvrability makes a pretty imba vehicle.

    I repeatedly got instakilled at 100HP via shotgun from ranges at around 20m with chest hits. That does not feel balanced to me. Since the patch I have seen players run around with shotguns on large maps such as Caspian Border and Golmud Railway. Making shotguns good at what they are suppose to be good at is great, but these side effects make the game feel very binary at times. It encourages camping and discourages any kind of movement as infantry. In other words, it reduces gun battles to who sees whom first.

    The M60-E4 sight visibility issue. You know what I mean. It's 30 minutes work. Open M60 model in your 3D editor of choice. Select the front post vertexes. Cut them out (Ctrl+X). Fix the resulting hole in the barrel. Save it. Open the M60 iron sight in your 3D editor of choice. Paste in the vertexes from the front post (Ctrl+V). Position the front post so it ends up at it's previous position on the barrel. Save it. Done.

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